What is PersonaDB?

PersonaDB is a simple to implement and easy to use historical key/value cloud database for bots! Store/retrieve any information on your users that you can imagine!

Historical key/value cloud database means that as you change the values of your users, we'll log all changes in the data for you in a simple and easy way to retrieve and track.

Why is PersonaDB useful?

PersonaDB can help you keep track of information about your users, like their features, preferences, and habits and how they evolve over time.

PersonaDB can help you keep state between your bots/agents. Your bot can finally remember your users and what they've done and want, connecting the dots wherever they go has never been easier.

PersonaDB Insights

We're launching insights for your personDB metrics and users. You'll soon be able to have MASSIVE insight about your users habits, demographics, and everything else!

How can do you use PersonaDB?

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