Bot Discovery & Distribution


What is Network?

With Network we're solving distribution and discovery. We're providing an easy way for bots to connect with other bots through intents and services!

Bots can now programmatically connect users to relevant bot experiences to get more awareness, provide targeted services, and create a functional ecosystem of bots that work together!

This means you'll get more users, more exposure, more utility, and more money to build more fun and useful stuff!

Neat, right? :)

Why register with Network?

Bots that register and are approved through RadBots will see higher throughput because they're a trusted source and destination. We're working with thousands of developers to build the glue for bots to talk to bots!

Additionally, take advantage of RadBots PersonaDB to build massively insightful models of your users across any platform, and remember user state across multiple bots!

Sign up and become a part of a global ecosystem of THOUSANDS of bots working together!


Check out just a few of the bots and agents in our network!

Name Platform
Popcorn Telegram
Dominos Bot Messenger
Cute Roulette Messenger
MentorBot Slack
GoalBot Messenger
CatchUp Slack
GameBot Telegram
Mr.Byte Telegram
Simi Your Personal Bartender Messenger
Snapslack Slack
Escape the Haunted Forest Kik
Chris Clark Comics Messenger
Kip bot Messenger
Jarvis Messenger
Raibot Messenger
Mandate Messenger
Take 10 Messenger
TripPpio Messenger
The Job Hunter Bot Messenger
WebSummitBot Messenger
Sisense Telegram
Buch Telegram
PhotoColorizer Messenger
PayPal Slack
Lewis Messenger
Narendra Modi Bot Messenger
Security Bot by MetaCert Skype
BrewBot Messenger
LordeBot Telegram
Jessie's Story Messenger
Angel Face Messenger
Lurchr Slack
Koyfin Slack
RandomBot Telegram
MyNews Bot Messenger
Product Hunter Bot Telegram
Sizzling Hot Telegram
Turbot Slack
Flappy Bird Messenger
Kukie Messenger
SpyBot Slack
Bayern Live App Bot Telegram
Shep Messenger
Pan Macmillan Books Messenger
Monkey Test It Messenger
Mel&Jer Messenger
Digg Messenger
Bandtraq Bot Telegram
AC Milan Live App Bot Messenger
Fortuna Horoscope Messenger

And Thousands More! Join up now and start getting traffic and users!